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Q&A: Bruce Lee, Ark Wong, and Ed Parker

Here is another round of questions answered by three people. Ron Chapél answers the bulk. Ed Parker Jr (Paxtial Arts) answers a question about himself. Finally, Guru Dan Inosanto (Inosanto Academy) answers a simple question about Bruce Lee. 

The Case Against Chi.... Or not?

What is Chi? Can we really cultivate Chi? And what does modern science have to say?

Uniting the Martial Arts with Dr. Carl Totten

In this episode I chat with Dr. Carl Totton about his history in the arts and his currents goal of bringing back all aspects of the arts from harming to healing. Dr. Totton has had the same school in the same location for over 35 years. While the McDojo's ...

Doug Wong: History

Grandmaster Douglas Wong started his Martial Arts career in the 1950's and continues to this day. If you haven't looked at his historical photos on his facebook page I strongly suggest that you do. For some it will be a trip down memory lane. For others it will ...

Cliff Stewart: Executive Protection

The second part of a two part podcast with Maha Guru Cliff Stewart. This episode covers his experience in Executive Protection with Larry Flint, Muhammad Ali, Wesley Snipes, James Garner, Mr. T, and others. We also discuss the difference between self defense and MMA. If you are into real world ...

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