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Cliff Stewart: History and Application

This episode covers the history of Cliff Stewarts Martial Arts experience. It all started around 1960 when he saw an ad in the back of a comic book for Judo. Not finding a school near his house Cliff sought out Judo Gene Lebell who recommended a local school and the ...

Q&A: Kenpo

Getting answers straight from those "who were there" is tough today, unless you have the connections to call the right people. Fortuneately, through my association with Ron Chapél I can make those calls. So lets kick off the first Q&A session. Email me your questions at Brad@MartialMoves ...

GM Ed Parker: Early Footage (Part 3)

As promised, part 3 of the 16mm Grandmaster Ed Parker 16mm print. 

GM Ed Parker: Early Footage (Part 2)

As promised, part 2 of the 16mm Grandmaster Ed Parker 16mm print. I can't get enough of this old footage personally. Understanding the origins of Martial Movement provides great insight into the evolution of a self defense system. 

GM Ed Parker: Early Footage

Ron Chapél has a Martial Arts library of computer files, books, film, patches, cards. You name it he probably has it. It turns out he's been hanging onto the original 16 mm print of Grandmaster Ed Parker, considered the man who is responsible for proliferating the Martial Arts ...

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