Q&A: Bruce Lee, Ark Wong, and Ed Parker

Here is another round of questions answered by three people. Ron Chapél answers the bulk. Ed Parker Jr (Paxtial Arts) answers a question about himself. Finally, Guru Dan Inosanto (Inosanto Academy) answers a simple question about Bruce Lee. 

The Case Against Chi.... Or not?

What is Chi? Can we really cultivate Chi? And what does modern science have to say?

Q&A: Kenpo

Getting answers straight from those "who were there" is tough today, unless you have the connections to call the right people. Fortuneately, through my association with Ron Chapél I can make those calls. So lets kick off the first Q&A session. Email me your questions at Brad@MartialMoves ...

GM Ed Parker: Early Footage (Part 3)

As promised, part 3 of the 16mm Grandmaster Ed Parker 16mm print. 

GM Ed Parker: Early Footage (Part 2)

As promised, part 2 of the 16mm Grandmaster Ed Parker 16mm print. I can't get enough of this old footage personally. Understanding the origins of Martial Movement provides great insight into the evolution of a self defense system. 

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