Doug Wong: History

Grandmaster Douglas Wong started his Martial Arts career in the 1950's and continues to this day. If you haven't looked at
his historical photos on his facebook page I strongly suggest that you do. For some it will be a trip down memory lane. For others it will be a lesson in the history of the arts in and around Los Angeles (not to mention some great behind the scenes photos from various film sets). 

Enjoy my discussion with GM Wong. I know I did.

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More Info on GM Doug Wong can be found at White Lotus Kung-Fu or on his personal Facebook Page.

More information on Travis Wong's Joining All Movement.

The podcast talks about the following topics (in order):
  • Introduction
  • Martial Moves Global Reach
  • Camp of the Masters
  • GM Douglas Wong Interview
  • JAM (Joining All Movement)
  • 1950's in Los Angeles (Watts) and Family Styles
  • Shotokon and Tag Soo Do
  • Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Ark Wong
  • School Hopping / Mixing 
  • Which arts worked? Kung-Fu had it's issues
  • Tiny Lefiti and Mok Gar
  • Ark Wong and "feeling it"
  • GM Ed Parker
  • Linear vs Circular movements
  • Slap Checks
  • Ed Parker and Kenpo
  • Splashing Hands
  • Kung-Fu Television Series
  • Inside Kung-Fu magazine
  • Forms VS Sets
  • Teaching someone to fight VS Fight Choreography
  • Lucy Lawless and her talent
  • Fight Choreography
  • Real Fighting and tactics
  • Rules of Street Fighting. Did they exist?
  • The Tongs
  • What is he exploring now?
  • Who do you wish you trained with?
  • How do you generate power?


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