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For some time I have been wanting to share the conversations I am able to have with some of the greatest Martial Artists of the last 60 years. I've always been too busy and put it off for another day, but as these gentlemen get older and as the crown passes to a new generation I felt I had to learn as much as I could... before I couldn't anymore. 

So I set out to create a website where I could share interviews and information from a wide variety of systems. Sure, some of this might be done out of my own self interest in being exposed to as many systems as possible, but why not share. So here we are with the website up and running and no excuses not to get out there and take a class with a new teacher once a month. 

I hope everyone gets as much enjoyment out of listening to these gentlemen as I do. I'd like to note that everyone of the people I have interviewed and plan to interview have been on the cover of just about every Martial Arts or Kung Fu magazine. In fact, GM Douglas Wong was integral in the inception of Kung-Fu magazine. They have all been elected to numerous hall of fames and continue to teach to this day.

At this point I have lined up the following people for the podcast.

Grandmaster Douglas Wong of White Lotus KungFu

GM Wong trained under Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong, Sifu Haumea "Tiny" Lefiti, and many other legends. If you don't yet know who those gentlemen are, you will. Ark Yuey Wong is to some degree responsible for every great Martial Artist from the 1950's and 60's. Bruce Lee, Ed Parker and many more. He was one of the first people in the nation to teach non-chinese the Martial Arts.

Guru Cliff Stewart of W.A.R

Guru Stewart has been training for the worste case scenarios since the 1950's. He has spent many years in executive protection keeping people like Mohammad Ali, Larry Flint, and Mr. T safe. When it comes to talking about real world combat Guru Stewart is the man.

Dr. Carl Totten of the Taoist Institude

Dr. Carl Totten is without a doubt a scholar and a warrior. He has a PhD in clinical psychology and a certification list a mile long. Oh, and he also trained under Ark Wong, Tiny Lefiti, and Ed Parker. To this day he emphasizes that he is still learning. His training center has been up and running for close to 35 years. How often do you see any school open for that long anymore?

And many others....


Brad Bode


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