Uniting the Martial Arts with Dr. Carl Totten

In this episode I chat with Dr. Carl Totton about his history in the arts and his currents goal of bringing back all aspects of the arts from harming to healing. Dr. Totton has had the same school in the same location for over 35 years. While the McDojo's come and go Dr. Totton has maintained a consistent student base, which tells you something about his teaching quality. 

From his biography:

Professor Carl Totton is the founder of the Taoist Institute. He has studied the Chinese healing, spiritual, and martial arts for over 45 years and is licensed as a clinical and educational psychologist. He is certified as both a Reiki master, and qigong and martial arts grandmaster. He has worked in many clinical settings including private practice, hospitals, community mental health clinics, schools, and a college counseling center.

Dr. Totton is the founder of the Core System™, a new method of integrating the ancient roots of the traditional healing, spiritual, and martial arts and transforming them for contemporary applications. He has also created Quantum Psychotherapy and Counseling, an integrative method of transformational therapeutic practices for promoting emotional balance and personal growth, and CEBAR: Core Energy Balancing And Reiki, a synthesis of the best of the many methods of holistic energy healing he has studied.

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