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GM Ed Parker: Early Footage (Part 2)

As promised, part 2 of the 16mm Grandmaster Ed Parker 16mm print. I can't get enough of this old footage personally. Understanding the origins of Martial Movement provides great insight into the evolution of a self defense system. 

GM Ed Parker: Early Footage

Ron Chapél has a Martial Arts library of computer files, books, film, patches, cards. You name it he probably has it. It turns out he's been hanging onto the original 16 mm print of Grandmaster Ed Parker, considered the man who is responsible for proliferating the Martial Arts ...

Ron Chapél: The Early Days

This episode covers Dr. Ron Chapél's early days at Ark Wong, how he met Ed Parker, Bruce Lee, Gene LeBelle, fight films, the evolution of Kenpo, Tiny Lefiti, and how he became a Martial Hacker. 

Making it happen

For some time I have been wanting to share the conversations I am able to have with some of the greatest Martial Artists of the last 60 years. I've always been too busy and put it off for another day, but as these gentlemen get older and as the ...

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